Why Missing Shingles Are Devastating For Your Roof

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If you notice that your roof has damaged shingles or you have missing shingles then you need a professional roofing inspector that will give an honest solution of how to improve your situation without ever trying to sell you anything or make any commitments up front.

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The problem with missing shingles

Missing shingles is often a sign of a bigger problem and may require more than just replacing them if there’s hidden water damage in your home. It’s also not always the case that missing shingles will create major problems for your roof. However, it’s important to know the facts by inspection because even a small undetected water leak from your roof can cause damage over time. These issues within your home include rotting wood, heavy dampness, creating mold and damaging insulation. So, this is more serious than just missing a small part of your roof cover.

How do shingles go missing?

Shingles are nailed in place, so it requires a powerful force to remove them such as intense winds from storms over the years, hail and heavy rain. The most threatening weather in Plano, Texas and the surrounding DFW metroplex comes from hailstorms. Flying debris is also a threat due to the consequence of these heavy storms. In addition, this damage can make the shingles weaker when providing protection for future storms.

Detecting Leaks in your Roof

The majority of people within Plano, Frisco, McKinney and northern Texas will be unaware of any leak in the roof until they spot dampness and stains on their ceilings. This can be caused by missing shingles that you might have noticed but you chose to do nothing about it because you thought it’s not a major issue. If you have just identified the water leaks than it can already be too late as the severe damage has been done to the roof. This can also mean potential exterior damages to other parts of your home such as gutters and windows. Because of the water leaks, this means trapped water and this trapped water can cause mould growth which would mean your roof needs a serious inspection for some extensive repairs.