Why You Need a Full Roof Replacement

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Understanding when to arrange a roofing replacement is critical. Storms within the state of Texas can cause destructive damage. Getting a professional inspection by Windtop Roofing is the only way to know your roof needs repair and the extent of that repair. Damage that wasn’t caused by a storm to the exterior of your home should also receive a professional full inspection.

Many of the following damages to your home may require a roof replacement instead of a repair.


Fallen Trees 

Trees can obviously be affected by the intense high winds of a storm and can mean that a few branches may have fallen onto your roof or the entire tree may have been blown over hitting your roof. This can cause critical structural damage to your house and will need a full roof inspection which will require a professional to analyze the potential areas of weakness of your roof. A complete roof replacement may not be needed however will analyze other potential damages caused by fallen trees such as window damage, fence damage and gutter damage. It is essential that you call for a roofing inspection as soon as debris from a tree or the full tree lands on your roof because the longer you leave it the weaker your roof can become.Furthermore, your roofs structural integrity and repair needs can be critical if you leave it and don’t arrange an inspection. This can cause problems with your insurance company; therefore, Windtop Roofing will help you with your claim as we work with your adjuster.



As discussed before falling trees and branches are a consequence of wind damage, however, missing shingles are the most common factors of wind damage. Torn and separated shingles can easily allow leakage into the home causing dampness and decay. This interior damage will only be added to the exterior damage to your roof and potentially fences and gutters damage. Even torn shingles and shingles that are separated by only a small space can be devastating for the long-term strength of your roof. At Windtop Roofing we will inspect the exterior and interior damage from wind.



Hail can cause lots of problems for your roof and sometimes it’s not always visible to the naked eye from the ground. Hail can cause pockmarks in the shingles and weaken the shingles. It’s crucial that you get your roof inspected immediately after a hail storm as said before the damage is not very visible and can easily be seen by a Windtop Roofing professional. Hail will not only weaken small sections of your roof, it can weaken your entire roof. Therefore, you may or may not need a full roof replacement, but you need to be aware of the future consequences of leaving your roof as it is and potentially suffer more damage from the random burst of hail storms.


If your home has been affected by fallen trees, wind or hail then call us on (469) 859-1388 or email us at customerservice@windtoproofing.com immediately to schedule a free professional roof inspection.