Winter is Coming

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December 14, 2017

Winter is coming

Some people love it and others already can’t wait for summer to return. No matter your stance on the winter months they are upon us and you need to be prepared. Is your roofing ready to resist the upcoming icy weather? You want to be certain that your home is secure and safe ready for the change of seasons. Here are just some of the potential problems that Winter can bring you and your family.


Ice can weaken the structural integrity of your shingles. As the Ice melts the water expands and gets into the nooks and cranny’s of your roofing tiles potentially leading to underlying damages that are invisible to the naked eye. Our team of experts take careful and precise methods to examine your roofing for damage including waterlog and they will identify any potential problems free of charge before walking you through our wide selection of offers that we can tailor to your benefit.


Snow is white, fluffy and often fun however to your roof it can spell disaster. The more snow on your roofing tiles, the more weight the roof has to bear. If the structural integrity of your roof has been weakened over time by weather damage or water damage then you are at risk of total collapse that could potentially be very dangerous and certainly will destroy your roof.


Torn and separated shingles can easily allow leakage into your home causing dampness and decay. This interior damage will only be added to the exterior damage to your roof and potentially fence and gutter damage. Even torn shingles and shingles that are separated by just a small space can be devastating for the long-term strength of your roof as more water penetrates the roofing area. At Windtop Roofing we will inspect the exterior and interior for water damage and offer our range of solutions should we discover any issues.

We all know that winter sometimes can bring disaster when we should be focused on joy. With a free inspection from us at no charge you can make certain that your home is healthy in time for the holiday season. Nobody wants to have a leaky roof in the coldest period of the year, which is why you can get a free roofing health check-up today by our experienced team of industry veterans.  Unlike some of our competitors, we do not charge for our inspection process. Once we have identified any problems we will walk you through the solution and establish a plan and process which you are happy with.

However, don’t take our word for it. Listen to Matt Scamardo, just one of our many happy customers. His roofing was destroyed in the last Dallas hail storm and we walked him through the replacement process with a personal service tailored to his needs. We can do the same for you or your family. We will keep your house secure and safe this winter.

Don’t delay, your safety is important and we are here to help you at no extra charge. Call us on (469) 859-1388 or email us at immediately to schedule a free professional roof inspection today.