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Roofing Damages. Wind Damage.
Wind: The invisible threat that doggedly damages our homes in the worst of weather. Often heard and never seen, wind damage can be potentially disastrous to your home’s roofing. Visible wind damage such as dislodged shingles or missing tiles is easily spotted from below, but high winds can also lift the shingles resulting in dirt, debris and moisture getting between them creating hidden damage and endangering the integrity of your roofing.   Why is this a problem for your home? When the sealing is damaged it most often results in the whole roof being compromised. Wind can also crack and break the shingles, fracturing the matting and this sort of damage is not always visible from the ground; however, it will certainly lower the life expectancy of your roofing.  
We understand that replacing a roof can be expensive for homeowners and is often a daunting experience. The experts at Windtop Roofing are here to offer you their support and extensive knowledge with four tips to help you extend your roof life expectancy. Whether your roof is new or old, these preventative care tips will enable you to keep your roof in top shape and extend the life of your roof for years to come Inspect your gutters regularly A clogged gutter is bad news for your home. It can ruin the paint on the side of the building and create wet conditions in your home. When leaves and debris pile up in the gutters moisture gets trapped and water has no where to go but upwards.  This causes rot
Yes, we all know a roof is a roof, however, there is a difference between a commercial roof and a residential roof. Both types of roofs are created in a unique way and designed in different styles to each other.  The type of building structure will determine which quality materials are to be used on the installation or a repair of commercial and residential roofing. It is crucial to understand the differences and at Windtop Roofing we have a lot of professionals who are highly experienced in the industry. Damage to either type of roof can be expensive and in the long term if your home is not repaired it can lose its value due to damages from the weather.   Major Differences between Commercial and Residential Roofing Residential roofing