The Difference Between Commercial Roofing and Residential Roofing

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Yes, we all know a roof is a roof, however, there is a difference between a commercial roof and a residential roof. Both types of roofs are created in a unique way and designed in different styles to each other.  The type of building structure will determine which quality materials are to be used on the installation or a repair of commercial and residential roofing. It is crucial to understand the differences and at Windtop Roofing we have a lot of professionals who are highly experienced in the industry. Damage to either type of roof can be expensive and in the long term if your home is not repaired it can lose its value due to damages from the weather.


Major Differences between Commercial and Residential Roofing

Residential roofing is the more straightforward process when it comes to installation. Chimney being the only obstacle in the way of roofing installation. However, some homeowners prefer a solar shingle installed too which is the only real difficulty of the process. Now Commercial roofing requires a more skilled installation process with many obstacles in the way such as air flow systems, external piping, external smokestacks and external energy systems. At Windtop Roofing we are very familiar with installation for commercial roofing and demands that need to be met. The same goes for residential roofing, we are experts in roofing installations, full roof replacements and roofing repairs within Northern Texas.


Roofing Design

Commercial roofs are usually larger than a typical residential roof and have a low slope or they are entirely flat. Flat roofs tend to require more maintenance which means roofing repairs of larger spaces. Residential roofing is less complicated as the roof is easier to maintain, repair and replace. Commercial roofing has factors to consider such as the requirement to cover a larger area which means the weight of equipment that is housed on top of the roof being considered too.


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