Windy Weather – Worn Down Roofing.

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Roofing Damages. Wind Damage.

Wind: The invisible threat that doggedly damages our homes in the worst of weather. Often heard and never seen, wind damage can be potentially disastrous to your home’s roofing. Visible wind damage such as dislodged shingles or missing tiles is easily spotted from below, but high winds can also lift the shingles resulting in dirt, debris and moisture getting between them creating hidden damage and endangering the integrity of your roofing.


Why is this a problem for your home? When the sealing is damaged it most often results in the whole roof being compromised. Wind can also crack and break the shingles, fracturing the matting and this sort of damage is not always visible from the ground; however, it will certainly lower the life expectancy of your roofing.


Although we are moving away from the winter weather and into spring, storms are still a potential threat that you should prepare for. At the very least, Windtop Roofing recommends that after every storm or heavy weather period you arrange for a consultation to be certain that your roofing is up to par.


Temporary repairs can only lessen the damage and not entirely provide a full solution. We recommend to our clients that should you suspect any damage to your roofing, call (469) 859-1388 to schedule a free consultation. If necessary we will work with our insurance experts to devise a solution to your problem, be that a full roof replacement or basic repairs.