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Roof Safety-Top tips

Most homeowners do not think about checking their roofing until after a big storm, and we would advise in that event to get a professional roof inspector from a reputable roofing company such as Windtop Roofing.


Taking matters into your own hands

We never advocate going up on the roof yourself to inspect potential damage.  If you insist, though, there are a few basic safety rules to follow. First of all, make sure you have an observer on the ground. Not only can they steady your ladder and keep an eye on you, it just makes sense to have somebody available to call the emergency services in case of an accident.


Safety first

Use a pristine, slip-resistant ladder. Wait for ideal weather conditions; you should never attempt this in ice, snow, or rain. Wear soft-soled non slip shoes and appropriate clothing, and if your roofing is sloped, you may need to invest in a roof harness. Seems like too much hassle?


Exactly! Not only is it time-consuming and costly, it can be potentially fatal. It is dangerous to attempt your own roof inspection and should always rely on a qualified roofing inspector.


Know the terrain

What many people do not know is that depending on the materials of your roof, where you step can cause more damage. Shape, size and sloping can all vary depending on the roof, and these have different effects on your footing. For example, slates can be broken or cracked when putting weight on them causing more damage than intended and leading to complications with your roof repair.


Get a professional

It only makes sense to get a professional roof inspection by one of our qualified roofers. Not only is it free of charge, but our team will also walk you through the available options every step of the way, unlike other roofing companies. With a free roof inspection, you will know whether or not you require a full roof replacement or just a simple roof repair service leaving you with peace of mind.


Windtop Roofing is the premier roof repair and roof replacement company in North Texas. We provide services across a wide range of areas including Dallas, Plano, Whitney and more. For your free inspection give us a call at (469) 859-1388 to schedule your consultation today.