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Common Roofing Problems

Fixing the most common roofing problems in North Texas

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Roofing damage can be noticeable when fallen debris crushes a gutter or your shingles rip off the roof during a storm. However, sometimes you may have a roofing problem that is more serious but less obvious. A free no strings attached detailed roof inspection by one of our qualified roofing experts can identify any issue that deserves immediate attention.

As North Texas’ premiere expert roofing contractors, we provide reliable roofing repair services for a wide range of common roofing problems affecting the integrity of your roof. Our services are available to commercial and residential property owners alike in North Texas including Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. For a full list of areas that we provide roof repair and roof replacement services for, call (469) 859-1388 today!

Below are examples of damage we have witnessed that can be detected and fixed when you are working with a full-service experienced roofing contractor such as Windtop roofing.

Wind damage

High winds can damage roofing materials in several ways; they can blow the roofing shingles off the rooftop or cause them to lift creating gaps, they can blow away roofing felt or roof sheathing and also tear off pieces from your roofing sections.

Damaged Windows

The impact of debris, hail or even water can undermine or damage your windows. Glass can be cracked or also shattered, especially on a roof-mounted skylight.

Damaged Gutters

Roof runoff can create flooding around the perimeter of your home leaving you at risk for moisture damage. Your gutters and downspouts must be functioning properly, or you could face potential further damage to your home resulting in weakened structural integrity, foundation problems, and wood rot. Gutter damage can range from blockages caused by debris to crushed or bent guttering sections.

Roof Leaks

When damage is not immediately obvious after a weather event, the build-up of debris or cracked shingles can still cause water to seep unexpectedly into the housing through your roof. Even ice build up in the valleys of your roofing can cause water to pool and leak into your home as the melting process begins. By the time you discover water damage it can be too late. You will need to arrange a roof leak repair and possibly a full roof replacement service.

Broken Shingle

Damage to your roof shingles can be difficult to detect from the ground level. Damage can occur to roofing shingles simply from wear and tear caused by age. Broken, missing or damaged shingles caused by stormy weather or impact damage can all lead to leakages and further damage to your home.

How can Windtop Roofing solve these problems for you?

Windtop Roofing will provide you with a free roof inspection to identify any structural damage both internally and externally to your property’s roof. We are roofing specialists and our qualified and experienced roof inspection team will be able to pass an expert eye over the situation. Our experts can locate any roof leaks, damaged gutters, lifted or missing shingles, cracked windows or other such problems that are jeopardizing the protection of your home.

After inspecting your roof thoroughly, our expert roofing team will know what needs to be done and will provide a roof estimate of the repairs or roof replacement along with a thorough explanation of the details. Expect to be guided through the necessary steps to move forward with your repairs. You will then receive a roof repair cost or a roof replacement cost depending on how severe the damage is.

Our team will also be able to advise you on proactive measures you can take to prevent damages in the future and maintain the health of your home’s roof.

At no point will there be any obligation to commit. Give us a call at (469) 859-1388 to arrange a free inspection and let us work with you to solve your roofing problems.

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