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Emergency Roof Repair

When it comes to Texas-size storms, even the toughest roofs take a beating. After the storm passes, Windtop can repair or replace your damaged roof, but we will not stop there. If your property sustains hail damage ask us about our other repair services. We are emergency roofers who provide full roof replacement and roof repairs as well as property repairs.

Our certified roof inspectors will provide you with a full-service local roof and property inspection free of charge. Once we have identified any problems, whether it is a simple repair or a full roof replacement, we will walk you through the solution and establish a plan that you are comfortable with to begin the repair process.

Have you been stricken by stormy weather? If you are in Dallas, we are the leading Dallas roof repair specialists to call.  We can have an emergency roofer out to you for an assessment within 48 hours of you contacting us.

Are you wondering if you are in for a simple repair or a full roof replacement?  It is worth noting that many of the following damages to your home may require a roof replacement.

Fallen Trees

Trees can obviously be affected by the intense high winds of a storm.  It is very likely during an intense weather event that you have had branches fall onto your roof or even an entire tree. Clearly, this can potentially cause critical structural damage to your home. In this situation, a full roof inspection is required.  Count on Windtop’s professionals to assess your roof damage and look for potential areas of weakness to your roof. A complete roof replacement may not be needed; however, they will analyze other potential damages to your property caused by the fallen branches or trees. Our professionals will survey your property looking for window damage, fence damage and gutter damage. It is essential that you call for a roofing inspection as soon as debris from a tree is noticed or a tree lands on your roof. The longer you leave it the weaker your roof can become increasing the risk of further damage. Waiting too long to assess the damage can also cause problems with your insurance company. Windtop Roofing will partner you with to work with your insurance adjuster to process your claim.


You may not experience branches or a fallen tree on your roof as a result of high winds, but more often than not, your shingles will be affected. Missing shingles is one of the most common outcomes of wind damage. Torn and separated shingles can easily allow leakage into the home causing dampness, decay, and interior damage. Even lifted shingles that are separated by only a small space can cause devastating damage over time.  Lifted shingles offer an opportunity for dirt, debris and moisture to gather creating hidden damage and jeopardizing the integrity and long-term strength of your roof. Wind can also cause damage to fencing, windows and gutters.  Our Windtop Roofing experts we will inspect the exterior and interior of your property for obvious and hidden signs of damage from wind.



Hail can cause lots of problems for your roof, and sometimes it’s not always visible to the naked eye from the ground. Hail can cause pockmarks in the shingles, which can seem like a cosmetic issue alone, but in reality they are a good indicator that your shingles and roof have been weakened. Hail will not only weaken small sections of your roof but can also undermine the integrity of your entire roof. It is crucial that you get your roof inspected immediately after a hailstorm as our Windtop Roofing professionals can easily detect hidden damage that you will not be able to see from the ground. You may or may not need a full roof replacement, but left uninspected, you may face future consequences and potentially suffer more damage in the long run.


If your home has been affected by fallen trees, wind, or hail and you live in the local Dallas area then call us immediately at (469) 859-1388 or email us at customerservice@windtoproofing.com to schedule a free professional roof inspection. Don’t delay! Schedule your emergency roof repair evaluation today!

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