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Gutter Installation & Repairs

The Windtop Roofing team has over 40 years combined experience working with roof repairs and roof replacement services. This includes one of the often overlooked parts of your home, the guttering such as gutter repair and gutter installation.

From installation to repairs Windtop Roofing has the solution to meet your needs. After a free roof inspection by one of our fully qualified roofers, Windtop Roofing will be able to provide you with an estimate of the costs involved depending on the type of work be it gutter repair or new gutter installation.


How does my guttering get damaged?

Gutters can be damaged during and after storms by a buildup of debris caused by high winds or through excess leakage and liquid accumulation after heavy rain.

The effectiveness of your gutters is lowered the more debris is left to build up; eventually, you are looking at leakages and water damage on your roofing as the liquid overflows.

Gutters can also be damaged during roofing work and general maintenance of your home. Ladders and additional weight against them can cause them to bend or break leaving you with further damages to worry about.


What is involved in a gutter repair?

Gutter repair is straightforward. One of Windtop Roofings qualified roofers will inspect your roofing for damage around the guttering before they inspect the actual gutters for gutter damage. Once a problem has been identified, the gutter can be repaired or replaced as required.

Debris will be cleaned out, and the gutter will be thoroughly checked and tested for damage. In some cases, you will only require a minor gutter repair and cleanup operation which Windtop Roofing will be happy to provide.


What about the gutter replacement?

Through years of storms, rain, shine and cold your gutters can be worn down. Eventually, there will come a time where you should replace the gutter system with a new high-quality gutter system that will last and protect your home.


Windtop Roofing offers many guttering solutions for you to choose from and we are committed to providing you with excellent first class service.  Call on (469) 859-1388 or email us at to talk to the roofing experts in North Texas. We will be happy to help you find the right solution for your gutter repair or gutter replacement requirements.

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