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Roof Leak Repair

Preventing & repairing roof leaks in North Texas

To repair a roof leak you must first detect it. This is obvious, however, what can be not so obvious is the source of a roof leak. Are the rafters in your roof deck exposed? Are there patches of dampness in the attic or upper areas of your building? It is important to know that roof leaks can be difficult to detect; although stains or dampness may be detected, the actual source of the leak may be in a different area than the visible damage.

Climbing onto your rooftop to do a self-inspection is risky business! Leave that to the professionals. Our expert roof inspectors at Windtop Roofing are fully trained to locate leaks and find the source of those leaks. Our team will do a full evaluation of the condition of your roof and advise you if a roof leak repair or if a roof replacement is necessary. We are roofing contractors that not only provide roof repairs but also emergency roof repairs within Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas.

Water does not run uphill…

Therefore, the leak on your roof cannot be below the evidence of the leak. Water can enter through missing or lifted shingles, cracks in the roofing, nail holes, or even through backed up debris. Once your roof has been damaged, water can easily flow into any entry point and penetrate into other areas of your home.

Finding the origin of a leak while it travels on the underside of your roofing is difficult. Our roofing specialists are trained and experienced to handle all scenarios. They know how to navigate from the evidence of a leak to the source of the leak by performing a thorough analysis of your roof. Once the source of the roof leak and roof damage has been determined, our roof inspectors will be able to offer you roof repair recommendations and an estimate.

No water leak is harmless

You don’t need staining or pooling of water present to indicate there is a roofing problem. With larger leaks, you can easily see more visible signs of damage such as water pooling internally or discoloring on your ceiling. Dampness, however, is not as visible. Although dampness does not seem like it would be a major issue, when found inside the roof it can also lead to findings of significant damage. Dampness can lead to the degradation of insulation, damage or weaken of seals, and can cause the growth of mold or fungus. Any of these issues can undermine the integrity of your roofing and lower its overall lifespan.

When a Windtop Roofing specialist identifies the roof leak location, they will track it back to the source, pinpoint the location of the water damage and advise you on a further course of action.

Roof replacement & Roof repair experts in North Texas

No roofing is immune to developing problems as it ages. And no rooftop in North Texas can escape the damaging effects that major weather events regularly bring to us. Windtop Roofing can repair any roof leaks caused by age or weather. Protect your home by asking for our free detailed roof inspection. Our available services are sure to meet your roof repair or replacement needs.

Windtop Roofing is the premier roofing company of choice in North Texas. Give us a call at (469) 859-1388 and let us brief you on our roof leak repair and roof replacement services.

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