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Roof Replacement Cost

Understanding when to arrange a roof replacement is critical to the safety of your home. A professional inspection by Windtop Roofing is the only way to be certain if your roof needs replacement or repair and the extent to which repairs may be necessary. Our mission is to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction every step of the way.

With your free no-strings-attached roof inspection, we will provide you a detailed roof estimate of any repairs.  The specific measurements of your roof will be used to calculate the cost of repairs.  There are several other variables that are figured into your cost estimate including the level of damage, the choice of materials, and the insurance standards set for pricing. Don’t worry about the details, though. We will provide you a detailed explanation of the new roof cost and promise to provide a superior professional service that will protect and preserve your home.

With our roof replacement service, our staff will help guide you through the repair process walking you through from start to finish and will coordinate with your insurance company. All our team members are insured professionals, not from fly-by night groups.  Your home deserves the quality attention that Windtop Roofing promises to provide, and we are committed to working with you to ensure that the process is smooth and you are completely satisfied with your new roof.

So how much does a new roof cost? Contact Windtop today on (469) 859-1388 or email us at We will provide a roof estimate that will be lower than our competitors in the North Texas area.

Still not convinced? Below is one of the most common examples of damage to your roof that may warrant a full roof replacement.

Wind & Rain

Missing, torn, or lifted shingles are the most common results of wind damage to your roof. Torn and separated shingles can easily allow leakage from rain into the home causing dampness, decay, and interior issues. Lifted shingles, which can be harder to detect, offer an opportunity for dirt, debris, and moisture to gather creating hidden damage and jeopardizing the integrity of your roof.

The majority of people within Plano, Frisco, McKinney and northern Texas will be unaware of wind damage to their roof until dampness and ceiling stains are spotted. They may notice torn shingles but choose to do nothing about them not realizing it is a major issue. By the time obvious signs of water leaks are present it can be too late, as the roofing has already suffered severe damage.

When water leaks into a home it can easily become trapped often resulting in mold growth. Even shingles that are separated by only a small space can be devastating to the integrity of your roof by allowing water in. Left undetected, this can lead to much more extensive repairs. Early detection is critical after any major weather event and can only be accomplished through a detailed inspection.

High winds can also cause potential exterior damages to other parts of your home such as gutters, fences, and windows. Our experts will also assess your property for damages during their roof inspection process.  So don’t delay in calling Windtop Roofing if you have experienced a severe weather event.  Our Windtop team members at will be happy to assist you with a free no obligation roof inspection and will provide an estimate for any recommended repairs or replacement.

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